CDSpace 7.0

CDSpace creates virtual CD-ROM drives and images on your hard disk!
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Space International, Inc.

CDSpace creates virtual CD-ROM drives on your hard disk using emulation, this allows you to read CDs and run CD programs or games without having the CD in the drive. It works just as well with a network file server. Running programs from your CDSpace virtual drive is about 200 faster than doing it from the CD.

It creates image files of the contents in CDROM titles and then let’s you mount them in your virtual drives. This image files can be compressed to lighten the load of your hard drive.

When you start using CDSpace, you can forget about searching for a CD-ROM, loading the CD-ROM in the drive, waiting for it to run and changing the CDROM to run another application, all those things are now in the past.

Main Features:

- Supports Windows Vista, Me, 9X, XP, NT, 2k, 2003
- Image creating is incredibly easy
- Each image file can be password protected
- You don’t need to own a physical CD-ROM
- Allows for multiple CDROM applications or games to be run simultaneously
- Supports all type of CDROM applications

Evaluation version expires after 90 days

Sebastian Vitangeli
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  • Easy to use
  • Integrates with windows shell
  • 100% Compatible with all CDROM applications
  • Extended evaluation period


  • User interface design is really poor
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